September 19, 2015

Things I learned from doing the 'Get to know your fellow blogger' Q&A series

This project started in May 2015 which at the time I thought I would do ten interviews but nine is a pretty good number. I sort of got lazy in June/July and didn't really want to do it anymore.  In August, I got distracted by other things so there was not much done. But I guess it's good that there is completion even with just nine interviews. I got some good responds and enjoyed reading the answers and that's good enough for me. Anyway, here's nine things I learned from doing the interviews:

01/ I don't seem to know that many male bloggers. I mean, on my reading blogroll, there's a whole bunch of them but I still wonder if the blogger population is off balance but it's probably not true. I suppose it's because I keep coming across female bloggers so often that it feels that way.

02/ I actually know more about certain bloggers than I thought which is not a bad thing.

03/ Strangely, I did not ask what each blogger does for a living which I now wish I had. But when I think it over, it's probably best not to ask because that's probably the last question anyone would want to answer. And I certainly didn't like answering the question either.

04/ Most bloggers has been blogging for more than 5 or 6 years and I have that in common with them.

05/ It is very time-consuming trying to format a post especially when I keep reading and re-reading just to correct a space or a line break and also the software quits when I'm just in the process of finishing something, that and net services that seems to skip and stop working in between minutes. I guess it's a good thing I do not edit them in the blog post rather, I did my edits in a word software.

06/ The word 'stuck' is used 3 times. Perhaps I myself am familiar with the word that often associates with the things I do that resonates with me.

07/ I used the Q&A series to find new books to read. Okay, maybe it's not entirely true but why else did I ask everyone the one book they love and willing to recommend? The question just came out of my head which does not necessary means I know why I ask it.

08/ This would have been easier if I did not have individualized questions and some of the questions were a bit redundant now that I read them again but all the same, it was nice of people to answer them.

09/ I do not think I would dare to do this if I have to conduct the interviews in person plus traveling expenses would be so huge that I would have to get a second job and third job just to pay for them. But I am really glad that I did this.

I like to thank Carrie, Katrin, Emma, Michael/Mr. Toast, Geraldine, Sarah, Frances, Carver, Tammie Lee and everyone that had encouraged me to do this. Thank you everyone! And I hope never to do this again. Okay, I'm joking. Maybe not.

For the complete list of interviews, go here.

Now, it's your turn to ask me questions. Just leave them in the comments and I'll answer them in a post or not, depends on the question. Happy blogging!


  1. what are your favourite foods?

    1. I'm certain I'll answer that but it could be a very long list or a very short list depending when I answer them.

      thanks for the questions, have a lovely day.

    2. & thanks again for participating, taking the time out as I know you're just as busy as everybody. thanks again.

  2. yes, i would think that interviews take time on the part of both people.
    it can be interesting.
    i think asking questions is an art, one i am still trying to learn.
    so odd, i can not think of a question to ask you.

    1. that happens to me a lot, like when I'm an talking to someone and suddenly I could not think anything more to say.

      thanks for stopping, have a lovely day.

  3. So, hey Lissa, what do you do for a living? Just kidding! Did you read or add any of the books to your reading list that were mentioned?

    08. I loved that you asked individualized questions, but now that you mention it, it would be a lot of extra work... but it was definitely worth it!

    09. And, in person would have difficult, but you can always Skype or Google Hangouts, both of which I've never used, but it could be interesting!

    Great job all around, and thanks for including me! xo

    1. I'm the same as you, well almost the same - a graphic designer - I can answer though it is kind of boring thing to say these days.

      I've never tried video phone so I'll probably never will since I already do not like phones....

      well, thanks for participating and have a lovely day.

  4. Oh, this sounds like a lovely series! I... haven't read any of your interviews (yet), but congratulations on you for being brave enough to initiate that sort of conversation!

    And as for a question... what's your favourite colour?

    Beth x

    1. I suppose you can considered me brave but really, if there's no such thing as email, I wouldn't even consider it.

      thanks for stopping, will answer your question later. have a lovely day.

  5. Thank you, Lissa! I feel so honored that you included me and it was so much fun to answer your questions! Also thank you for answering them as well! I do not know many male bloggers either! There should be more of them! Have a great rest of the day! <3

    1. I'm happy to have interviewed you. & I should thank you for that.

      have a lovely day.

  6. Lissa, I didnt; get aroudn to reading EVERY person's interview but when I have time to really sit and digest, I do tend to come here to read one more...piecemeal as it were. I hope to get through them all and like waht you say above. I totally know what you mean about editing, btw. Time consuming indeed.

    And you know what, I think blogging's like marketing and art in general - there are actually more women than men doing it. Why? B/c women tend to be more expressive with their emotions, a little more vulnerable perhaps. there is an inbuilt natural kinship women have with each other which is great. I would like it if I didn't always feel like the only guy out there but I do see others occasionally but the only ones I relate to are other artists which are fewer.

    I think your collection also shows that blogging is alive and well! I thought it would die out bu tin fact with magazine like Blogger Mag adnd Bella Grace, it seems to be making a sort of resurfacing which I love.

    One thing I really want to make time for it to WRITE more, not jsut illustrate but writing involves more revelation to be pure and authentic and oftentimes that can just be too difficult to write in respect to others. I carry alot of things, I can freely talk about with a select trusted few but not sure I'm willing to with a wide audience. thus, oftetimes, when writing it's good to cryptic at times, if that's needed.

    Anyway, thank you.

    1. everything's time consuming when think about it but the point is if you enjoy wasting/spending the time doing what you want, it's not so bad.

      I do want to write more but I suck at editing so I end up with tons of drafts. one of these days, I will hopefully finish some of the stories.

      thanks for your visit, hav a lovely day.


"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it. " -- Kurt Vonnegut