September 14, 2015

Get to know your fellow blogger: Frances

This is the last interview for the 'Get to know your fellow blogger' Q&A series. This last one is: Frances from Just Expressing Myself.

[ Part I: About blogging ]
01/ How many blogs do you have that are currently active?
Just this one, though shortly you will find a tumblr or two in the side bar. During the last several weeks I closed down all my active and inactive blogs. I have kept most of the .com names, and will be directing them all to Just Expressing Myself. It's a long list that includes Ms. Moblog, Simply Frances, Frances D, Photo Stroll, Blogdacity, and Coffeebarchick.

Just Expressing Myself was actually one of the first .coms I purchased and used. After I closed down the original site I kept the name pointing at my main blog of the moment.

02/ What would be the tag line for your blog? If no tag line, what is your blog about?
The tag line is "in as many ways as I can."  It's what my now 15 plus year blogging journey has been all about: Just Expressing Myself in as many ways as I can. I have created just about every kind of blog: personal, group, audio, photo, quote, everything but a vlog. But now that my photo appears right on my homepage video could be next. I've also used quite a few of the available blog hosts:, Blogger, Typepad, Square Space, Angelfire,  Live Journal, Dead Journal, Posterous, Tumblr, Side Blog, Yahoo 360...

03/ Is your blog a reflection of you or just a place for your creative/personal outlet?
Both. When I first began blogging I was totally anonymous. I was so afraid of anyone finding out. Then I showed my blog to a trusted friend, one who I knew would tell me the truth, and they loved it. That led to me writing under my own name. It took a while, but eventually I posted random photos of myself. Funny thing; those first photos were usually reflections of myself in mirrors, or my feet.

04/ How did you come up with the name for your blog?

Blog names usually come to me between 2 to 4am.  Guess those are my magickal hours. Thank goodness I chose a company 24-7 customer service.

05/ Do you have a blogroll or a reading list of your favorite blogs? If not, then what blogs do you like reading?
I am currently working on a blogroll page for Just Expressing Myself - it's going to be long one too.

06/ What category or categories do you think your blog falls under? For example: a book blog, a cooking blog, an art blog, etc. OR simply just a blog?
Let's call it a Personal Blog Plus.

07/ Do you have a blogging schedule or do you post any time you like?
I used to post at least once daily, but my Blog Groove has been a little off this summer - so much going on. I would love to get back to daily posting.

08/ Do you use a blog template (brought or free from the net) or do you design your own blog?
I bought this particular template, and I have had more than a few designed by super talented blog buddies. In the beginning I would make my own logos in Photoshop. My daughter Josie is working with social media and design now, and will be making a few bits and pieces to dress up my space.

09/ List 3 things that you always have on your blog. For example: an introduction page or a gadget that tells the time.
My own domain name, an about me, and I always mention that my daughter Josephine who is my personal hero. You'll find quite a large photo of Josie on my about the author page. Yes, I am a doting Mommy. She's my one and only and she's fabulous.

10/ What advice did you wish someone had given to you when you first started blogging?
The advice I am going to leave all of you with: Be Not Afraid...

Part II: About the blogger ]
01/ Do you have any nicknames? If you have more than one, do you have a preference?
Just about everyone puts their own spin on the name Frances. The most frequently used are: Fran, Franny, Francine, & Francesca. I have even been called Frankie and Fay.

When I was a salesperson years back the owner of the company called me Snoopy. Why? Because I always came back with a lot of information after meeting with customers. My drug of choice is conversation, and when people get to talking you learn a lot.

02/ List 7 words to describe you.
Opinionated, Funny, Optimistic, Inquisitive, Dominating, Tenacious, Brainstormer

03/ If you do not have to worry about time or money, what is your favorite way to spend your day?
Wandering the streets of New York taking photos, exploring bookstores and museums, taking in a movie, or theatrical performance. Dinner and conversation with a friend is always a bonus.

04/ Who would you want to write your story or your biography? A famous writer? Someone you know? Yourself?
It's gotta be ME!

05/ What book that you love that you would recommend to just about everybody?
Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg

06/ Do you have a favorite tool that you used often?
It would have to be my mobile phone.

07/ List 7 of your favorite things.
Hanging with my daughter Josie
Handbags/Pocketbooks - especially smaller ones
Full Moons
Beaches with boardwalks
Playing cards
Dining out with friends
Haunted Venues

08/ When are you most creative/productive? The morning, the afternoon or night or just about any time?
Early morning and late at night.

09/ Tell us something about you that people do not know or simply something you wish they know but didn't.
I would love to take dancing lessons; ballroom, jive, foxtrot, samba/mambo and waltz.

10/ Draw, write, photograph or use any form of communication something that represents you in some way. 
This header that Lissa made for JEM a few years back is a good way to end this interview. It's me in my comfy clogs, the sidewalks of New York beneath my feet, just before a photostroll.


  1. I have known Frances for a long while and even met her once in person and I think she is quite the most productive blogger that I have ever known. not really all that much to say except that she's such a wonderful person and quite a amazing conversationalist and such a people person, you'll be glad to know her. I'm glad that I have and still do. thank you Frances for this.

  2. pleased to meet Frances, most interesting!

  3. Such a lovely and interesting interview :-)

  4. Exploring book stores is one of my favorite things to do as well. And I love haunted places! What a lovely interview! I always love reading them!


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