June 11, 2015

Get to know your fellow blogger: Geraldine

This week's blogger is: Geraldine from My Poetic Path
[ Part I: About blogging ]
01/ How many blogs do you have that are currently active?

02/ What are your blogs about? Do you have tag lines?
One is cooking, crafts and a big orange cat. One is poetry and creative writing. One is for reviews.

03/ Are your blogs a reflection of you or just a place for your creative/personal outlet?

04/ How did you come up with the names for your blogs?
Veggies, Yarns & Tails, was an idea I had that a long-time blogger suggested I use. My Poetic Path and My Real Life Reviews were just things I thought fit what I was blogging about. 

05/ Do you have a blogroll or a reading list of your favorite blogs? If not, then what blogs do you like reading?
Yes, I have a blog roll and a couple of Readers I follow. I have LOTS and lots of fav blogs!!!

06/ What category or categories do you think your blogs falls under? For example: a book blog, a cooking blog, an art blog, etc. OR simply just a blog?
Veggies, Yarns & Tails is mainly about vegetarian cooking, my cookbooks, some knit posts and Mr. Cheddar makes an appearance now and then.

My Poetic Path is poetry, particularly haiku and some book reviews and short stories.

My Real Life Reviews is product and book reviews and I also hosted several contests there in the past.

07/ Do you have a blogging schedule or do you post any time you like?

I try to post at least 2 times a week at Veggies....and My Poetic Path. My Real Life Reviews, usually once a week.

08/ Do you use a blog template (brought or free from the net) or do you design your own blog?

I blog at Blogger and WordPress, all free blogs. I did splurge (LOL) for a domain name at My Real Life Reviews though.

09/ List 3 things that you always have on your blog.
I have a mini bio, contact page, and recent comments on the sidebar.

10/ What advice did you wish someone had given to you when you first started blogging?

I didn't know it would be so addictive!!! LOL. I've quit blogging several times over the years (I've been blogging for over 8 years!) but I always came back.

Unfortunately, starting and stopping, you lose a lot of readers that way. But I always like seeing new readers at my blogs too.

[ Part II: 
About the blogger ]
01/ Do you have any nicknames? If you have more than one, do you have a preference?
My close friends call me : Ger (rhymes with Cher!!!)

I loathe the name Geri, Gerry...I've known some (female and male Gerry's) along the way that I didn't like at all. LOL

02/ List 7 words to describe you.
creative, ethical, impatient, honest, sensitive, hard-working, energetic

03/ If you do not have to worry about time or money, what is your favorite way to spend your day?
being at ANY beach, reading, working on my newest book project, creating something beautiful with yarn or fabric

04/ What is the one book that you love that you would recommend to just about everybody?
I read SO much I can't narrow it down to one book.

05/ You write poetry, you cook and write cook books, you crochet, you knit, you're basically an all out creative person, what keeps you from completing a project? And what keeps you going?

Sometimes I do need to "find my muse" again but most of the time, it's there. I just need to get started in the morning on a particular project and try not to get distracted.

If I don't have commitments elsewhere in the morning, that is my best time to work on something creative. I do have a lot of other things on the go though, including a casual part-time job, so sometimes I do take a day off from writing etc, completely.

I also take one computer-free day, every week, if at all possible. I think we all stare at screens waaaaaayy too much, these days, including myself. ;-( 

06/ Do you have a favorite tool or tools that you often use for your creations? 
I love pens! I have some that are special gift pens, that were given to me to autograph books, over the years. I also have fun pens like: The Seven Year Pen, which I use a lot (and have also reviewed!). Most of the time though, I type. I type fast and that way I get more done! ;-)

07/ List 7 of your favorite things.
the beach, listening to the rain when I'm inside a cabin/cottage, sunsets, aquamarine stones, yellow roses, cats, three-story vintage homes

08/ When are you most creative/productive? The morning, the afternoon or night or just about any time?

09/ Tell us something that you want people to know that they do not already know or simply something you wish they know.
I think I've shared a lot about myself over the years via my blogs. One thing that has evolved over the past year is my commitment to being a lot more positive person, ALL the time.

What we think about, speak...has a huge impact on how each day unfolds. I start each day with positive thoughts and affirmations now, and end the day in the same way. I am also working on a book about this topic too! :-)

10/ Draw, write, photograph or use any form of communication something that represents you in some way. 
I have a nice big pale green mug that I like to have my coffee in (decaf organic) when I'm writing. I also like to curl up in my plushy polka-dot bathrobe, when the weather is chilly. LOL

Get to know more about Geraldine at her blogs:
My Poetic Path
Veggies, Yarns & Tails
My Real Life Reviews


  1. I love pens too. I seem to have brought a lot of them. I think there's nothing like writing with a colorful instrument, there's just something soothing and even exciting about putting your words down and seeing the result immediately, which you cannot compare with a computer even though the computer is faster.

    I like to be a more positive person too but it's not as easy when people keep being rude to me. I guess I'll have to sort of live through my positivity through Geraldine's words and creations.

    Thank you Geraldine for this interview!

  2. Lovely meeting Geraldibe, nice interview Lissa!

    1. Sorry for the typo Geraldine!

    2. I misspelled her name several times myself, so, it's such a big deal but I do hope it is spelled correctly in all the places that I have used.

      thanks for stopping, Christine. have a lovely day.

  3. this was a lot of fun Lissa, thanks for including me in this blog series, I'm honored. I'm also enjoying reading the other interviews and finding new blogs!

    Have a wonderful summer, G

    PS: Love the bathrobe sketch, very close to reality. ;-) Not wearing that particular robe right now though, it's very hot here in BC!!!

    1. thanks for the interview. & I did enjoy drawing that.

      since you're taking a blogging break, I hope you enjoy your summer and gets lots of things done.

  4. I love pens as well. I own so many. Too many I guess but I just can't stop buying them. And of course cats rule! :)

    1. me too on the pens, I think I have far too many.

      thanks for your visit. have a lovley day.

  5. So, wait, who did the sketch? Looks like it was your's Lissa? Anyway, love it adn the idea of a polka dotted robe. How fun! I love too how Geraldine talks about being positive. So true and often so much something we all have to work on.

    I did have to laugh at how she too has quit blogging before only to go back to it. so many of us ahve done that, haven't we? We can all realte, Geraldine!

    Wow, 3 blogs? I looked at them all. Exhausting but energizing too, I am sure! Well done!

    I enjoyed reading this interview. So love to learn about peeps out there, Lissa. Thank you .

    1. yes, I did that sketch, I like the idea of the robe and coffee and writing and I thought why not draw it?

      thanks for your visit, have a lovely day.

  6. Oh, and 7 year pens? What a great idea! Those look fabulous!!


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