March 5, 2015

I only blog when it rains

20 Reasons that might or might not be true on why I'm not blogging:
01/ Someone has hacked into my blog and I can only post photos of bunnies and nothing else. I don't think people want to be seeing bunnies every day. Or do they?
02/ I'm waiting for someone to dig me out of the snow. Send help. And hot chocolate.  Mostly hot chocolate.

03/ I'm stuck at someone else's blog. It has created a computer error that won't allow me to leave.

04/ I've been kidnapped and I am forced to watch every show that was ever cancelled.
05/ I'm out taking pictures of snow and won't be back until all the snow has melted.

06/ I'm stuck in the elevator on the 63 floor of a 66 floor building that is on fire and without electricity.

07/ My laptop refuse to post for me.

08/ I've got no net service unless I'm on the roof of my house but I do not know how to get up there without injuring myself.

09/ Every time I post something, someone go and revert it to draft.

10/ Someone asked me to do them a favor and now I'm stuck in Canada without a passport and I seemed to have committed a crime and is forced to do community service.

11/ I only blog when it rains.

12/ I've adopted a puppy and now he barks whenever I try to use my laptop which it isn't so bad if only he doesn't also pees on it.
13/ I got stung by a bunch of bees and now whenever I sit in front of my laptop screen, I get dizzy and have an urge to nap.
14/ I'm writing my novel inside a cave that is inside a mountain and the exit can only be open from the outside.

15/ I'm locked in my bathroom with only boxes of poptarts and my toothbrush.

16/ I'm too busy reading other people's blogs.

17/ I've lost a bet and now I cannot do any blogging without first having to walk around in a bunny suit with a sign that says 'Kick me so I can start blogging.'

18/ My neighborhood's dog attacked me and now I can only remember one thing a day and somehow I keep forgetting I have a blog.

19/ I was at the library and somehow bumped into a book shelf which strangely fell down against another book shelf and that book shelf fell against another and then another until all 50 shelves fell over and now I'm stuck re-stacking all the books which will likely take me about a year to finish.
20/ I practice the 'no blogging unless I want to' motto.
What's your reason for not bloggging?


  1. You've listed quite a good list there, Lissa! :-) My reason for not blogging for the past year was....I needed a break! :-)

    1. a break is definitely on top of my list for not blogging, although I seem to be taking a lot of breaks these days...

      thanks for stopping by, hope you have a lovely day.

  2. you sure do have snow, it has been a month since we have gotten any or longer.
    pretty funny post....
    love your red head!

    1. lots of snow but it seem to be going away now

      thanks for stopping by, hope you have a lovely day.

  3. This is a fabulous list! :) There are so many reasons not to blog. :) I want to see pictures of bunnies every day...that's for sure!
    Have a lovely Sunday!

    1. I think there are blogs where you can see bunnies every day. if you go to, she does a lot of bunny-related post plus her sidebars are filled with links to blogs & bunnies.

      thanks for stopping by, hope you have a lovely day.

  4. Oh I am so gogin to that bunnies blog. lol. hahahha. I love your write ups here. Very funny.


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